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Vertek Films, Inc. is a software development & services company and the creator of the Vehicle Precision Cut Software (VPC) operating with research, development and design facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.


VERTEK VPC is an easy-to-use software developed in-house through VERTEK's global database, offering powerful design tools and an extensive library of precise patterns shaped to match a vehicle’s particular make, model and year. VPC is the industry’s first internet cloud based, film cutting system that allows Authorized Installers to download paint protection patterns directly to a plotter for precision cutting and allows rapid deployment of new patterns as they become available.

When it comes to an efficient and flawless paint protection film installation, we understand that precision is key. That is why we are dedicated to developing the most accurate patterns for pre-cut paint protection films we possibly can. 

A Software Solution that Gives You An Precise Cut You Can Trust

Developing advancements in film technology and performance is what we do every day at Vertek. Experience our latest advancements in paint protection films which are at the forefront of self-healing vehicle protection. Combine our collection of paint protection films with your VPC software subscription and maximize installation time and film performance for an exact fit you can trust.

5 Key Benefits:

Easy software installation 


Download and save template for easier access at any time


Saves time, labor cost and minimizes material wastage


Ability to see the square meter of each template kit for easy, quick pricing to a customer


Easily adjust wrapped or unwrapped edge plotting

Each pattern in VPC is trimmed precisely to fit on a specific model efficiently, accurately with confidence and without concern. The patterns are designed to save film usage in order to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. By using pre-cut patterns, installation time is significantly reduced while eliminating human errors that possibly damage the car paint.

VPC fits most plotters on the market. We offer a free trial access so you can see just how the precision of our design access program patterns can help your business succeed. Please contact us for more information or take a look at our demonstration.

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