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VERTEK Paint Protection Film is trusted by thousands of consumers around the world and has passed rigorous tests to ensure your vehicle stays protected with the best quality paint protection film. VERTEK Protection Film is verified and tested by independent certification body- SGS


SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity.​

Gloss- BS EN ISO 2813:2014
- 20° geometry: 103

Light Ageing Test-UV Exposure- ASTM G154-16 Cycle1 & ASTM D2244-16
- No visual change of film

Chemical Resistance- JIS K 5400: 1990

- Akaline- No detrimental effect

- Acid- No detrimental effect

​- Salt Water- No detrimental effect

- Isopropyl Test - No detrimental effect 
- Hexane/ Tduene - No detrimental effect

Weathering Rock Chip Resistance- SAE J400-02(R2002)

- Pass 

Tensile Strength- ASTM D638-14

- 18.1MPa

- 270% Elongation at break

Peel Strength- ASTM D6252/D6252M-98(2011)

- 59.5N/100mm

QUV Accelerated Weathering- ASTM G154 2500h
- No detrimental effect
Heat Effect- 80°C 2500h
- No detrimental effect

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