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VERTEK is a fast growing brand that has high reputation in the market. With a focus on leading the industry, VERTEK products have redefined the way the public thinks about high performance protection & precision film installations. With roots in pattern design and software development, we're driven to increase our professional installers profitability and maximize returns. As the inventors of the world's first anti-permeation paint protection film, we revolutionized the way people think about smart surface technology. We are ready to you take your business to the next level with our advanced paint protection film, window film, installation tools, aftercare products, and the most comprehensive training programs in the industry.

Here at VERTEK we are invested heavily in helping our family of professional installers reach their business goals on the road towards long term success.


Intensive Training

Top tier installations begin with a strong skill set. Here at VERTEK, we offer the highest rated & most comprehensive training regiment in the industry. Our certification program will provide you with the knowledge-base you need to begin your journey.

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Easy-to-use Software


As the creators & and innovators of pre-cut kits, our world renowned Vehicle Precise Cut (VPC) Software will help you stay a cut above the competition with maximum efficiency. VPC enables you to provide your customers with the level of precision they desire.

Benefits Of Being An Certified Installer:

  • High-ranked positioning in top search engine results using our unique Installer Locator.

  • Access to our unique pre-cut patterns library.

  • Your company will be listed on

  • All sales leads in your region will be forwarded to your company.

  • You will receive access to all digital marketing materials, product brochures, product data sheets, safety data sheets, installation instructions, independent lab testing reports, etc.

  • You will receive a Certificate identifying you as a VERTEK Certified Installer

  • You will be able to identify yourself as a VERTEK Certified Installer on your website, social medias, marketing materials, business cards, at your company's premise etc.

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