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In any business, achieving profitability is vital. To do this successfully you need an arsenal of sales, marketing, and business skills at your disposal. Representing a great line of products and gaining some hands-on installation experience will set the stage for your long-term success. At our VERTEK training centers, we offer courses to prepare our dealers and distributors for how best to handle and sell our products. We teach the fundamentals of running a successful film business, marketing strategies and how to build great relationships to grow a thriving enterprise.


Candidates in the VERTEK training programs are given comprehensive knowledge, in-depth industry guidance, and hands-on installation experience. Join us for an experience like no other in the film industry.


Every student in the VERTEK training program will receive an entire set of tools and materials needed to install our products and a complete training manual. Small class size ensures each student will get specialized attention. Students receive a complete evaluation of their skills and helpful constructive advice to hone their skills from entry level to mastery over time.

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